25% of High Blood Pressure Readings are False...

This false blood pressure reading can easily lead to diagnostic error or over-treatment. Here you can learn how to eliminate this potential health problem. Want to learn more? Good! This website is for YOU, an interested positive person who wants an active role in your own health care.

Vincent R Moloney MD FAAFP (Ret)

Temple University School of Medicine

My first mission is to inform and educate you about what I learned in thirty-two years as a doctor treating blood pressure in the front lines of Emergency Room and Family Practice.

My second mission is to persuade you to learn how to measure your own blood pressure. That is the only way you can be sure you know what it is. Here is why…

Excellent studies using intra-arterial measurements have shown that more than 25% of people who have elevations when someone else takes their blood pressure actually have a false elevation. This error averaged 27 mm of Hg. Twenty-seven! Enough to easily cause you to have a false diagnosis or if you have a true elevation, too much treatment. This false elevation, called "white-coat hypertension", disappears when you take it yourself.

My third mission is to persuade you to not only measure it yourself but to take care of it yourself. You CAN do it and go a long way towards keeping it at a desirable level. All by natural measures and mostly free.

You should do it. You would need only loose supervision and verification by your doctor. Who, by the way, would be delighted. The most pleasing and satisfying patients are the ones who do what they can to enhance their own health.

Contrast this with trying to take care of patients who are sliding into ill health by doing the wrong things such as obesity, smoking, drinking to excess, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and ignoring their pressure. Doctors, along with most other people, like to feel success and accomplishment in their work. A good doctor will be happy to help you manage yourself.

Looking back

...over my years of practice I believe that many and probably most of my hypertensive patients could have eliminated their problem by instituting these measures that are natural, safe and free of monetary cost. Diet, weight loss, exercise and lowering salt; these alone could do this in a majority of people. Adding some appropriate herbs can help also. See pages about natural measures and herbs listed at the left.

"Take care of yourself"-- is a good motto. After all, the final responsibility belongs to each of us. Accept it and do what you can. You will be surprised how much you can do and most of it free.

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