High Blood Pressure Treatment

Consists of 5 or 6 steps, the last of which is drugs. We’ll outline the steps of high blood pressure treatment that come long before thinking of drugs. The best measure of all is... But wait, let’s set up our outline first.

Steps in avoiding a Disease or Condition:

Number one: Being just plain lucky enough not to get it. This can work with high blood pressure but your odds of being that lucky are only one in ten over a lifetime. Not good.

Number two: The next best (and very effective) measure is prevention. This can be either passive as in avoiding something that causes it or active such as exercising which truly lowers blood pressure.

Oddly enough, the use of high blood pressure medication in small doses in the very earliest stages of high blood pressure can prevent the further elevation and the good effect lingers a year or longer after it is stopped!

Other measures such as keeping the weight down, lowering salt intake, etc, also work. See this page Lower Blood Pressure

Nunber three: If prevention fails, the very best treatment is to identify the actual cause and remove it. A good example might be that a person reads my page on High Blood Pressure Causes and realizes that he/she might have Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The doctor confirms this in the laboratory and institutes corrective measures resulting in normal blood pressure.

Number four: If no cause can be identified then institute natural measures. See my page on High Blood Pressure Natural Remedies

A good example is losing weight, an excellent natural high blood pressure treatment. (I know, I know, it’s easier said than done.)

Number five: The last method of high blood pressure treatment is drugs. This is not the least desirable but it is the most convenient This then becomes the most popular choice. See this page on Blood Pressure Medications

The last step I’ll mention is one that doesn’t even have a number:

Step XX: The worst treatment of all is to do something or take some substance that doesn’t work. This wastes time and allows high blood pressure to exert its bad effects on your body in the meantime.

Doctor’s Practical Guide:

As you can readily see there is much you can do before thinking about what drug to take for high blood pressure treatment. There is a very good chance that you won’t have to take any or can stave it off for years. Don’t forget that the only way you can know your true blood pressure level is to take it yourself. It’s the only way to get the numerous readings you need under different circumstances and the only way to eliminate the falsely elevated readings of the White Coat effect. See my page How To Take Blood Pressure

Taking your own blood pressure is the only way to know if it truly needs lowering or if any of your measures are actually working to lower your blood pressure. I have written a detailed instruction booklet. See what's in it here: How To Take Blood Pressure Booklet

Some last words: As I move around the internet I see a huge number of websites trying to sell you something for your blood pressure. Do not fall for this nonsense.

Read more of my pages and come back again and again. Learn all that you can. Take care of yourself.

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