Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Lower blood pressure naturally and you can avoid taking medication. But you have to take some action. This Doctor’s Practical Guide summarizes this complex subject:

This is the fourth in my series of pages on how to lower blood pressure naturally:

  • The first page, Lower Blood Pressure, is an excellent overview of the subject.

  • The second page, High Blood Pressure Natural Remedies , goes over:

    • Substances to take

    • Substances to avoid (just as important or even more so).

    • Lifestyle modifications.

  • The third page, Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally, goes over other types and systems of medicine.

  • This page, the fourth, Lower Blood Pressure Naturally, will summarize the subject in outline form and provide the Doctor’s Practical Guide.

Actions Proven to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally:

Substances to take:

  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Fish oil

Substances to avoid:

  • Salt
  • Alcohol to excess
  • Saturated fat

Lifestyle modifications to institute:

  • Increased fruits and vegetables, etc.
  • Exercise
  • Weight loss

Other Systems of Medicine: Generally Not Proven to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

  1. Whole Medical Systems:

    • Western: Homeopathic medicine and Naturopathic medicine.
      These are two complete systems.

    • Eastern: Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda (Indian).
      Two complete Far-Eastern systems that predate Western medicine.

  2. Mind-Body medicine (support groups, cognitive-behavioral therapy).
    Other mind-body techniques include meditation, prayer, mental healing and therapies that use art, music or dance.

  3. Biologically Based Practices (herbs, supplements, etc.).

  4. Manipulative and Body Based Practices (Osteopathy, chiropractory, massage).

  5. Energy Medicine:

    • Biofield therapies, the bodies own “energy fields”.
      Manipulation of the bodies “energy fields”.

    • Bioelectromagnetic-based therapies, uses actual magnetic fields.

    Doctor’s Practical Guide:

    The ways to lower blood pressure naturally are listed in the upper part of this page. These have been proven by clinical trials.

    The other systems of medicine in general have not been proven to lower blood pressure. One exception is the procedure, acupuncture. See my page Acupuncture For High Blood Pressure There a good study showed that acupuncture three times a week did lower blood pressure naturally but so did the SHAM procedure used as a control. What worked? Just going through the motions. Consider the inconvenience and the cost and look to other methods.

    Mind-body techniques might work with some people but make sure you can monitor your own blood pressure so you know for sure if it works. See my page on How and Why to self-monitor:How To Take Blood Pressure

    Herbs and supplements: Some of these might work to lower blood pressure naturally. There are a host of websites selling them with cleverly worded claims of effectiveness and proof. Insist on studies from well-recognized universities and institutions. See my page on Herbs at Herbs For High Blood Pressure

    Manipulative and body-based practices: These probably fall into the same category as acupuncture and may well work the same “way”. Same inconvenience and high cost.

    Energy medicine: Again, insist on proof. You won’t get it. Judge for yourself.

    Stick to the proven methods as outlined above and don’t waste time and effort on the unproven.

    The only way you can know whether an alternative therapy lowers your blood pressure is to take it yourself. It’s the only practical way to get the numerous readings that are needed. It is easy. See my page on How and Why at How To Take Blood Pressure

    I have written a detailed instruction booklet on taking your own blood pressure as well as anyone else's. See How To Take Blood Pressure Booklet

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