What Good Blood Pressure,
Though Not the Best Grammar,

Is still a very good question to ask. Make sure you know what good blood pressure is and how your own numbers compare. The best way to know your pressure is to take it yourself. See this page for how and why you ought to learn.

How To Take Blood Pressure Let’s examine the consequences of unchecked elevated blood pressure.

Why Care What Good Blood Pressure Is?

  • Stroke: Some part of the blood supply to the brain is cut off or there is bleeding into the brain. Part of the brain dies. Self-explanatory.

  • Myocardial infarction (heart attack): A portion of the blood supply to the heart is cut off so part of the heart muscle dies. Self-explanatory.

  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF): The heart weakens and is unable to pump out all the blood that is returned to it. Blood backs up into the lungs and liver. In case you think this is a benign condition consider that a majority are gone in 5 years.

  • Renal (kidney) Failure: The tiny filtering units are damaged resulting in the inability to completely cleanse the bloodstream of waste. Later comes dialysis.

  • Retinal Damage: Varying degrees of interference with vision and eventual blindness is possible.

Some very large scientific controlled studies See Blood Pressure Medication have identified levels of blood pressure that are associated with increased incidence of the above complications. The higher the pressure the more the incidence and severity of complications.

Classification of Blood Pressures

At about 115 over 75 the incidence of these events is about that of the general population. Around 120 over 80 an increasing incidence starts to emerge and grows with increasing pressure. Up to 140 over 90 the increase is probably not enough to justify drug therapy unless other conditions are present. Above 140 over 90 and to 160 over 100 is called Stage I Hypertension. Above that is Stage II.

Here is the official table of values and classification:

Blood Pressure Classification
Systolic Diastolic Class
115 75 Desirable
120-139 80-89 Prehypertension
140-159 90-99 Hypertension Stage 1
160 or over 100 or over Hypertension Stage 2

Doctor’s Practical Guide

It seems obvious that unless we are willing to take great chances with our health we all must know what good blood pressure is and know what our own is.

Here we see that 115 over 75 is desirable and that 120 to 140 over 80 to 90 is worthy of some work though probably doesn’t justify medication. At 140 over 90 you do what is necessary to bring it down.

Take care of yourself, learn how to take your own blood pressure, it’s easy. See How To Take Blood Pressure Make the life-style changes that you can and get treatment if necessary. See Lower Blower Blood Pressure

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