Why Personal Blood
Pressure Monitors?

Your blood pressure is up a little. Without one of the personal blood pressure monitors you start treatment. What you and your doctor don't know is that by the time you get to the street your blood pressure is back to normal.

Here is a likely story in more detail:

You have reason to visit your doctor and while there your blood pressure is “up a little”. Later you have reason to visit the Emergency Room (for yourself or someone else) and there your blood pressure is found to be up more than a little. During several subsequent visits to your doctor you relate the ER incident and you are told that your readings have been consistently high on 3 or more occasions and it’s time to start treatment. You are given instructions regarding exercise, diet, weight, etc, an order for appropriate tests, an appropriate medication and an appointment to return in 6 weeks. You have been diagnosed with and treated for hypertension.

You and your doctor do not know that after each of those high readings your blood pressure was back to normal by the time you got to the street. You have been falsely diagnosed and treated unnecessarily despite accurate readings and fulfilling proper medical criteria and protocol for the diagnosis of hypertension.

This is happening all over the world as you read this. Why?? Because of a phenomenon called “White-coat hypertension”.

White-coat hypertension:

In a very significant percentage of our population who have elevated readings (26% to be exact) their blood pressure falsely elevates when someone else measures it. Meaning anyone other than themselves. It then falls back to normal. Consider the results:

In people without high blood pressure:

  • False diagnosis.
  • Unnecessary treatment with the small but definite risks.
  • Damage to their self-image (not a joke).
  • Needless expense.
  • Needless worry.

In people with high blood pressure:

  • Falsely higher readings.
  • Resulting in over-treatment.
  • Appearance of being uncontrolled.
  • Needless worry.
  • Needless expense.

That means that 26% of the 50 million people in the U. S. have false elevations. That’s 13 million. But there is an answer: Personal blood pressure monitors. In other words, take it yourself.

But I don’t know anything about the equipment:

See Blood Pressure Monitor

But which one should I get?

See Home Blood Pressure Monitors

But I don’t know how to take blood pressure:

Don’t worry, it’s easy to learn. See How To Take Blood Pressure and also see my detailed instruction booklet How To Take Blood Pressure Booklet

But I don’t have much money:

About 60 to 70 dollars will buy excellent equipment that with gentle and proper treatment will last for decades. You make that up on the first wasted office visit or prescription you avoid.

Doctor’s Practical Guide:

With personal blood pressure monitors you can eliminate the problem of false elevations and the attendant difficulties by taking your blood pressure yourself. This allows you to have truly accurate measurements and the numerous readings, under various circumstances, that are necessary to gain a reliable assessment of your blood pressure.

I don’t see any way that blood pressure can be properly managed with any real degree of confidence without the frequent use of personal blood pressure monitors.

If you have high blood pressure wouldn’t it be nice to learn to take your own blood pressure and find out that you don’t actually have it?

So learn how to take it. It is not difficult. My booklet will teach you all you need to know. See the prominent link below in color.

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