Fluctuating Blood Pressure

...is not a big deal but what if fluctuating blood pressure predicts something that is a big deal? Find out what labile blood pressure means in this Doctor’s Practical Guide:

Definitions of Fluctuating and Labile Blood Pressure:

Fluctuating blood pressure: This is not an official term in medicine. It merely means that the pressure varies from the desirable level to an undesirable level.

Labile blood pressure: Also called borderline hypertension. A condition in which the pressure is sometimes in the normotensive range and sometimes in the hypertensive range.

This sounds a lot alike and as far as I know they are basically the same thing.

The Significance of Fluctuating Blood Pressure:

This depends on what percentage of the time your pressure is up and what percentage it is down:

  • Up a small % of the time: Then you will get only a small % of the adverse effects and risks of the higher pressure.

  • Up about one half of the time: You will get about one half of the adverse effects and risks.

  • Up most of the time: You will probably suffer most of the adverse effects of elevated pressure.

Doctor’s Practical Guide:

So the significance of the fluctuations in blood pressure is dependent on how high it goes and how long it stays up.

There is a further significance. There is something different about someone whose blood pressure is sometimes elevated. Today’s intermittent elevation is tomorrow’s sustained elevation. In other words it is a predictor of hypertension in the future.

This is a great opportunity and a very fertile area for natural measures to lower blood pressure and indeed prevent moving into the actual hypertensive state. Measures like:

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Smoking cessation
  • Alcohol restriction (1 or 2 drinks a day)
  • Weight loss (easier said than done)
  • Sodium (salt) reduction
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Herbs and other supplements. See Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure

These carry no real risk and can make a marvelously better you. The benefits of the measures go far beyond just eliminating fluctuations in blood pressure. SEE Lower Blood Pressure Also see Exercise High BloodPressure

How will you know if your measures are effective? Simple, you must learn how to take your own pressure. It’s easy. See How and Why at HowTo Take Blood Pressure

Also check the contents of my booklet: How To Take Blood Pressure Booklet

Take control of some of your health!

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